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Bollywood, slowly but surely, is becoming a part of international life, much akin to what it is in India. And, Bollywood stars are fast catching up with other international stars as role models.

With a market that's rising with the day, it only asks for more and more professional players from the audio-visual field to pitch in with their creative and production caliber. And, that has propelled Panorama Visuals to be a part of this industry, yet carve a niche for itself. Panorama Visuals is an associate enterprise of Malhotra Productions (an audio-visual production company) having vast reservoir of experience and expertise in the field of event and overseas shooting management. A professionally managed company and a member of the Association Of Motion Pictures And Television Programme Producers (Regn. No. 759) since 1996, Panorama Visuals has quite a number of feathers in its cap.

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